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Organic, biodynamic, low preservative, vegan-friendly, natural wines. At Macquariedale Organic Wines we follow a passion for natural winemaking, specialising in converting small parcels of grapes into the most delicious natural wines available in Australia.

In 2005 Macquariedale Organic Wines became the first vineyard in the Hunter Valley to receive full Biodynamic/Organic Certification. Farming Biodynamic was a lifestyle choice and to improve the soil and land as we farm it is a must for us. Certified Biodynamic/Organic means all products used in the vineyard (and in our case our whole property) are all natural and do not contain synthetic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or systemic chemicals. The results of these practises is that the produce is grown the way nature intended, retaining its fullness of flavour, richness of colour and diversity or aromas of the terroir. By practising sustainable viticulture, we secure a better and healthier future for our land, our plants, ourselves and for you, our customers.

In late 2020, we announced we had made the monumental decision to relocate to Orange, NSW. This came as a surprise, not only to our Members, also to family and friends. But as we’ve always followed our hearts in making the big decisions in our lives, we couldn’t ignore what our hearts were telling us to do, even with all the unknowns. After an exhaustive year long search for the right property, we are delighted to have settled on our new farm and established stage 1 of our vineyards at 1,100m above sea level, making it one of the highest vineyards in Australia.

We welcome your visit – 0429 892 812.

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